When it comes to bristol hotels, there is one that stands out of the crowd. That hotel is the Gables. If you want to find out why you should choose the Gables over other hotels, what the menu is like and how much their rates for rooms are, then continue to read on.

Why The Gables Over Other Hotels

The location is impressive. It's located near great attractions, including a world-class golf course. If you're a golfer or you just want to stay at a hotel located in a nice area, then the Gables is for you. Not only that, but the rooms are extremely clean and so is the rest of the property. The restaurant is top notch and the food is amazing.

Another reason to stay at the Gables is the free WiFi. Many hotels claims they have free WiFi, and while that is true, sometimes the WiFi doesn't work that well at all. At the Gables, the internet is fast, so you can use your device for leisurely purposes or work purposes without worrying about a delay or the internet freezing up.

Let's not forget to mention that the Gables lets pets stay at their hotel, and that the service you'll receive is second to none. In fact, there's many reviews out there praising the staff at the Gables. If you want to be treated with the utmost respect and interact with friendly staff members who really know how to treat their guests, then look no further than the Gables.

Menu offerings

The menu offerings are impressive and constantly changing. The Gables is home to a restaurant, as well as a bar. This means there is something for everyone. Furthermore, the menu offerings are affordable, and the meals are of high quality.

With that said, some of the items you can find on the bar menu includes a range of ales, spirits, wines and soft drinks. There's also a handful of snacks you can order. At the restaurant, the menu consists of dishes that were created with locally sourced ingredients. This includes steaks, la carte dishes, salads, starters, salads and even homemade lasagna to name a few. Whether you're after a great tasting steak or a quick dessert, there is something for you on the menu.

Room Rates

Do keep in mind that the rates you'll pay depends on factors such as how many guests will be staying, the number of nights you'll be staying and what kind of room you'll be staying in. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay £50 per night for one adult, for a standard room. The rates are good and the hotel actually guarantees they have the lowest rates. Rest assure you'll be getting a good deal when you stay at the Gables.

If you're looking for good Bristol hotels to stay at, then stop looking. As you can see from the above, The Gables is the best place to stay at. If you want to find out what makes it so great, then book a room at the Gables today.